Creating a Comfy Home Office


If you have a job that enables you to work from home some portion of the week, you’re undoubtedly reveling in the joys of not having lengthy commutes on those days. And beyond the hours saved from traveling, one of the great benefits of telecommuting is being able to work in the comfort of your own home – but how do you establish an environment and routine that’s conducive to getting work done?

There are so many wonderful choices today in home office furniture. Plus, technology is helping people connect quicker and easier than ever before, so furnishings are evolving to support that speed and comfort, as well.

First, figure out what kind of look you want. Do you want it to match the rest of your décor? Or would you like something that is totally different – thereby representing more of an “office environment” that doesn’t feel so comfortable as to dissuade you from being productive.

Pick up a home decorating magazine and tear out some pictures of offices that you like and take it with you to your local furniture store – they will guide you through the selection process and make sure that you have what you need to do the job right.

The end goal will be to have a comfortable chair, plenty of working space, and an effective environment that lets you focus on what’s most important – getting the job done well.