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Quick Tips for Furniture Shopping


Before you head into a furniture store, be prepared to know what you’re looking for!

Quick Tips for Bedroom Shopping


Ah. The bedroom. Your personal retreat. The space you call your own. The place where you can shut out the world and refresh your spirit. This is your room, so create it with you in mind. You need only please yourself and your significant other.

To help ensure you're on the right track in searching for furnishings to create your dream bedroom, the American Home Furnishings Alliance offers these shopping tips:

Quick Tips for Fresh Decorating


If you want to keep your house looking stylish and fresh, but you can't afford to redecorate every year, don’t fret!

There are so many inexpensive – but expensive looking – home furnishings and accessories that can make a bit difference in keeping your decorations up-to-date.

Love Leather? Be Bold!


If you like the look and feel of leather, but are afraid you can't afford it, then you haven’t seen the wide variety of leather products available to consumers today.

There are furniture manufacturers who make less expensive leather upholstery, as well as manufacturers who make synthetic leather – at a fraction of the cost – that looks and feels like the real thing.

Quick Tips for Living Room Shopping


The living room is perhaps the single most important room in your home. It is the place where you and your family gather for watching TV, playing games, reading by the fire or just enjoying being at home.

Because it's meant to be lived in, the living room should be inviting, warm, cozy and comfortable. To help ensure you're on the right track in creating the living room of your dreams, we’ve compiled these shopping tips for you:

Decorating an Empty Nest


Here’s a recent question we received from a reader:

Our youngest child just graduated high school and my husband and I are empty nesters for the first time in many years. We want to give our home a new look. Any suggestions for where to start?

First, you need to consider how your lifestyle has changed (or will change, for that matter) since you last purchased furniture.

Quick Tips for Dining Room Shopping


The dining room can be one of the most important rooms in the home. It's where family and friends gather for special occasions to share a meal and good times.

When purchasing furniture for the dining room, it's important to make selections that will create a space your friends and family will enjoy while at the same time allowing you to express your personal style.

To help ensure you're on the right track in buying furnishings for the dining room of your dreams, we’ve compiled these shopping tips:

Ideas for Extra Spaces


Have your kids moved out of the house? Have you upgraded to a bigger pad recently? Maybe you've got some extra space that you don't know what to do with it?

Here are some ideas to breathe new vibrancy into those extra rooms:

From High Point to Your City


The International Home Furnishings Market, aka High Point Market, is a twice a year trade show not open to the public. It is the place where buyers from furniture stores go to select their merchandise for the coming season.

You will soon see the exciting new collections in your hometown furniture stores, 3-6 months after it is introduced at Market.

Check this site for regular updates from the spring and fall furniture Markets for what is hot and trendy in furniture.

Quick Tips for Sofa Shopping


To help ensure you're on the right track in searching for your dream sofa, we teamed up with the Upholstered Furniture Action Council (UFAC) to offer you these shopping tips:

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